In Thirds

All of a sudden I started having these vivid dreams. It would happen mostly with bold red wines. Never with beer. Or if I wasn’t sleeping well, the only time I would be asleep was for a vivid dream. I would wake up sweating or suddenly thinking “is this real life?” or often even scared.

When I was in Chicago last October I had this vivid dream that I remembered completely. I needed to immediately put it into words so here it is:

So, I had this dream. It was 3 different alternate universes. One was this old time Victorian life where the girls where wearing these elaborate gowns and the houses were these majestic mansions and there was green rolling hills everywhere. Very old time beauty. The next life was in some converted warehouse with all these hip looking people having all these different events in all these different spaces. The third was this long walk parade type thing. The main character girl who I think was me inter looped within the three worlds. So in the long walk she was walk around with different people but also caught up again with this one guy who I think she was sweet for. It wasn't supposed to happen but they had this chemistry so she kept coming back. In the old time world there were all these secret passageways between the mansions and within them. I think there were two main girls in that one. One girl just kept getting tossed aside. She would have these extravagant times with these two guys and eventually she'd pick one but it was never reciprocated and I just remember her long train blowing in the wind all-dramatic. In the warehouse, there were this group of guys who lived in this one area but intermingled around the whole area. They would put on concerts and have these performances. But they would do kind of mundane things as well as make art or write a song. In each of the worlds, this one girl had to sneak around. She would have these grand romantic moments but they could never be anything more than these fleeting moments. 

A friend told me I should make a print about it so I started one but never got to finish the project. The idea is to have something in thirds and then some kind of movement connecting the entire thing.