A Love Letter to Asheville

You had me within half hour of landing. I’m not sure if was the sun we were greeted by with the backdrop of scenic mountains. Or the delicious vegan lunch we had with coffee in a handmade ceramic mug. Or the amazing bathroom with local soap. Or the absolute cutest airbnb. 

But then my desire to move just kept amplifying.

The Biltmore was up next. I mean I have been to some of the mansions in Newport and Hearst Castle in California. But, something about the Biltmore dressed up for Christmas was pure magic. I decided when we left if I am bahumbug for holiday season after experiencing that, there is truly no hope left. 

Everything was just so tastefully done. And the art collection was beyond amazing! 

Next day started with biscuits and fried green tomatoes. 

We were off to explore the deep art scene. I had a meeting with Sunny Side Trading Co. and everything was totally going according to plan. I left feeling inspired and wanted to see more studios. 

The day included meeting up with some childhood friends and continuing to explore. The art, well curated beer/wine lists, love for local handmade, coffee shops, vegan food, and of course company left me feeling content. 

aSheville Museum was totally worth checking out. It’s this feminist museum with pictures, writings, and some interactive exhibits as well. There was one picture with writing set in the foreground about the feeling when one cuts off their hair that especially resonated with me. 

And just like that our weekend escape to Asheville was over. My take away from the trip were some new textile ideas and a new collaboration with Meet Jivi (more on that later).