musee des beaux arts


I am gonna go ahead and say it: I like Montreal bagels better than New York bagels. I love food rivalry and if something is described to me as Sally’s vs. Pepe’s, I am so on board. We got bagels from St. Viateur first and ate them in the alley as one is supposed to. Then on the last day we got bagels from Fairmount. I am not exactly sure if I could tell the difference, but I couldn’t stop eating them. Montreal included a whole lot of walking and exploring, good eats and drinks, hiking up Mont Royal, and just basking in the sun a little. The trip would not be complete without some art so we hit up Musee des Beaux Arts of course. I felt like we could have used a couple extra days to experience a few of the other neighborhoods, but we loved it and definitely need to go back during the summer months!