There are some places you dream about and because you dream about them so much they will never live up to what you imagined in your head. But, both times I visited Spain it beyond exceeded my dreams. The first time I went with my cousin and brother and I think it was a good mix of all our interests. The second time I brought Nihar and that trip ended our time in Europe which turned out to be one my favorite things we have done together. Although it was unbearably hot the ENTIRE time. Even when we would come home at 2am we would be sweating profusely. There were certain things I didn’t want to miss and we had two day trips planned because we were there for eight days. If we get to spend a couple hours in a coffee shop or cafe, I think we have spent enough time in that city. Enough time to just be and really experience the culture by people watching and enjoying each others company. Feeling like a local for a little while. I feel like Nihar and I always have work to get done and it doesn’t stop when we are on vacation. So given some time in a coffee shop is always welcome and makes coming back from vacation easier. 

This post is about highlighting all the spots we went to - coffee shops, food spots, and bars. 



Flax and Kale



La Fabrica

Veg World India

Teresa Carles

The Green Spot

Coffee Shops:

Sabio Infante

Onna Cafe

Santans Corner

Espai Joliu

SKYE Coffee Co.

Nomad Roaster’s Home



Bareconleta Sangria Bar


Barcelona Beer Company



Romantic Street

It has definetly been a minute since my last blog post, but here I am back with lot of old content to cover! We will start with catching up on trips...

It feels so distant from now that I ended my time at Chhaap, came back to America for a wedding, and was off to galavant through Europe. At the same time, I can still taste sugarcane juice and remember how disappointed I was to be leaving mango season. I can still taste those pretzels from Germany, espresso from Italy, and falafel from Paris. I guess it seems like my memories come from food!

Instead of going through the trip through words and I am going to take you to a photo documentation of it instead.

The route was: Backnag - Munich - Bergamo - Milan - Parma - Rome - Minori - Remini - Venice - Paris

My take away from this trip lies in Paris. How can so much amazing art have its home in one city!? There was this walk in Giverny from Monet’s garden back to the bus that just left me in awe. That field of yellow flowers has made its abstract way into my work and was the first real time I started using yellow. Now two years later, there is a little series of textiles that have some of that yellow in it and I am absolutely loving the direction.

I'll leave you with recommendations for vegetarian friendly restaurants in Paris:

Hanks for veggie burgers in Marais

Luz Verde for great tacos

Les Barav for wine/cheese bar

Las Deux Falafel for the best falafel I have ever had

Ginger Cafe for vegan food