Germany Is Hot For 15 Days A Year

A wedding of a dear friend brought me to spend a couple of weeks in Europe this summer. The trip started in Germany. I went a little early before the wedding started to spend time with her and help out with prep for the wedding. She lives about an hour outside of Stuttgart in a small town called Backnag. The wedding took place in Schwabisch Hall which is where the groom is from. There was a small town and the surroundings were a bit more rural. The wedding was a combination of German, Bosnian, and American traditions. 

Next we spent a day in the Western wine region called Pfalz. There we went to a few wineries and drove around the country side while exploring a few of the small towns. The landscape was truly beautiful set among all the vineyards. We spent the night in Kaiserslautern and the next day we were off to Berlin! 

You see, Germany is hot for about 15 days a year so there is no air conditioning anywhere. You better believe we were there during that heat wave. Actually most of our trip was during unseasonably hot weather. We decided not to really do any touristy things, but instead just explore by walking around. 

I remembered seeing on social media that my old friend from Pratt had moved to Berlin. We hadn’t been in touch for quite some time, but I wrote to him in Instagram and we met up the next day for coffee. It was like no time had passed and we just picked up where we left off. That turned out to be such a pleasant surprise of Berlin. He was describing the neighborhoods to us. He mentioned that the young hip people will move into an edgy neighborhood and stay there to settle. So those areas get a bit gentrified and then turn into an area with hip parents and kids. Until, its the next neighborhood’s turn. So, right now Neukolln is a little on the edgier side and still pretty raw in my eyes. 

Some of the neighborhoods we hit included: Mitte, Museum Island, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukolln, Tiergarten

Recommendations for food and drinks: Limonadier, Umami, Amrit, Monsieur Voung, Silo Coffee

Thus ended our time in Germany - next up: Malta!

Romantic Street

It has definetly been a minute since my last blog post, but here I am back with lot of old content to cover! We will start with catching up on trips...

It feels so distant from now that I ended my time at Chhaap, came back to America for a wedding, and was off to galavant through Europe. At the same time, I can still taste sugarcane juice and remember how disappointed I was to be leaving mango season. I can still taste those pretzels from Germany, espresso from Italy, and falafel from Paris. I guess it seems like my memories come from food!

Instead of going through the trip through words and I am going to take you to a photo documentation of it instead.

The route was: Backnag - Munich - Bergamo - Milan - Parma - Rome - Minori - Remini - Venice - Paris

My take away from this trip lies in Paris. How can so much amazing art have its home in one city!? There was this walk in Giverny from Monet’s garden back to the bus that just left me in awe. That field of yellow flowers has made its abstract way into my work and was the first real time I started using yellow. Now two years later, there is a little series of textiles that have some of that yellow in it and I am absolutely loving the direction.

I'll leave you with recommendations for vegetarian friendly restaurants in Paris:

Hanks for veggie burgers in Marais

Luz Verde for great tacos

Les Barav for wine/cheese bar

Las Deux Falafel for the best falafel I have ever had

Ginger Cafe for vegan food